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Differentiation Share, ask for, and talk about resources to support classrooms where students have different levels of prior experience, are moving at different paces, or otherwise have need for differentiated experiences within your CS Discoveries classroom. Website and Tools How-To Ask questions and get support on how to use the website, programming environments, and teacher back-end to teach CS Discoveries. Updates from the Team The CSD Team will post important updates here! Students with Disabilities Share and ask for resources and strategies to support students with physical, mental, or learning disabilities in your CS Discoveries class. English Language Learners Share and ask for resources and strategies to support students who are English Language Learners in your CS Discoveries class. Share Resources and Tools Share and ask for resources and tools that you've found or made that are generally useful for teaching CS Discoveries.
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Hello CS Discoveries Teachers! We’re excited to announce that over the next couple weeks we’ll be making some much-needed updates to the CS Discoveries forum. In particular we’ll be adding verified-teacher-only categori…

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