'16-'17 General Discussion for Lesson 3.7

haha, no it’s not pediatric, it’s sop, standard operating procedure. Not only did I try that, I fully turned off the computer and re-logged into everything. We are having it in our lab as well. It’s not happening to all pages, I think just stage 7 or maybe even only part of stage 7. I saw students in stage 8 were not having a problem. I just tested a couple of other levels in stage 7, even those that I have marked as complete. For example if I hover over the right turn, blue box comes up, but page not found over examples. I’m going to move ahead and see when I start getting the examples coming up. I’m at home sick so no classes to supervise.

ok, this problem seems to be happening on my computer at all levels of stage 7. I think this points to a possibility that maybe our tech dept is blocking the pages. What do you think? When I get back tomorrow I’ll have everyone log on and try to access the examples to see if indeed there are computers that can access the examples, then have the tech dept look at it. Does that sound reasonable to you?

Ah ha. A clue!

Can you do me a favor? Can you open up the javascript console in developer tools in your browser (if using chrome then, View -> Developer -> JavaScript Console) and see if there are any error messages there? If there are copy/paste what you see, or take a screen shot.

You may be right…since the documentation is a separate web page, it’s possible that your tech setup isn’t blocking the page, per se, but doesn’t like the way the connection is being made to the documentation page since it’s essentially a being pulled from a different website with a different domain - code.org v. studio.code.org. This might align with behavior of suspicious activity under some strict rules, or something.

This is interesting. I’ll ask our engineers about it too. Thanks for investigating.


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grr no error messages. I thought I had it. :persevere:

Wait, I might have needed to click around a bit

Recreating Flags In App Lab.docx (36.2 KB)

An assignment I created as an extension to this lesson. The kids seemed to really get into this feel free to use it in your classes.

I just have a simple google doc for them to submit they have to place a link to where they found the RGB/Hex codes for their flags. Then they post the text version of their code and a screenshot of the completed flag.

I came up with this seeing the code for the France flag in one of the example API’s can’t remember which one. Before turning them loose on this one I had them follow along with me making Bangladesh flag (as it is pretty easy). One thing to note they may try to then do the Japan flag for the flag of their own choosing. I let them, but next year I’ll be telling them that Japan can not be used.

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