‘16-‘17 General Discussion for Lesson 4.1


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


Hey Folks,

Just a quick question on why we jumped from working with data in unit 2 to programming in unit 3 and then returning to data in unit 4? Just curious…


Great question :slight_smile: Here is what Baker has to say about this:

Think of units 1-3 as the first semester - 0s and 1s up through a little programming. Units 4-5 cycle back but go deeper. Unit 4 is really is about “big data” in the societal sense more than it is about actually working with big data. It has much more to do with global impacts, security and privacy. Unit 5 is programming with the turtle training wheels off!


Does anyone know of a good video that covers the same points but is shorter than 15 minutes?


@vjadav are you concerned about use of class time or student attention spans?

A few ideas:

  1. Can you assign it as homework for students to watch it?

  2. I find that if I have a video guide that pulls out big ideas, students are more attentive during the video. Could that help?

I don’t know of any shorter videos… in fact I watched “The Human Face of Big Data” with my students last year which was an hour long and students ate it up! They really internalized the impact of Big Data from the video.


Do you have a link to share for the “Human Face of Big Data” video?


@dhuff The movie can be found on a few sites. Amazon, YouTube and clips on Vimeo. Below is the YouTube link…



Does anyone have a worksheet that could go along with this video? Sounds like a great video to have them watch while I have a sub.


Did you ever get a worksheet to go along with this video? I like it better than the one form this years’ curriculum. If so, can you share it with me? kmccullugh@rfschools.com


I would also be interested in worksheets for the Human Face video.



I would love a copy too! Would you be able to DM me? Thank you!