‘16-‘17 General Discussion for Lesson 4.2


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


This research activity is very similar to the research students will do for the Explore PT. Do I need to be concerned that they choose a computer innovation that they will want to use for the actual Explore PT? In other words, do I need to tell my students that they will NOT be able to use the same innovation they choose here for the Explore PT because we will be reviewing/grading their work on this activity? Has anyone else been concerned about this?


Yes, I think you should warn them about this.


I showed the Basketball TED talk today, students loved it. I’m trying to expose them to a number of different “innovations” and having them think about what some of the answers for the Explore PT might be. I made a worksheet. https://drive.google.com/open?id=11XIfFCqi4eDdQHCWCPi0xkJdYinER89k8UycivC2ZIk


I have not reached unit 4 however, it is good practice to let your students know that topics chosen for the practice PT cannot be used for the Explore PT.


Thanks for sharing your worksheet!


I think it depends on whether you plan on grading their work for this lesson or not. I personally do not grade many of these smaller in class activities. Here in NY, we are about to enter the week long NYS winter Regents testing period in 2 weeks, and during that time I will be conducting my Explore PT. Because that is happening so soon, as I look over this lesson, I feel like it is a great primer for the actual task, as long as I recognize and adapt the lesson to the fact that I cannot give the students direct feedback. To that end though, I can encourage the students to give each other feedback.


Do you have a list of some computing innovations you discussed? Love the worksheet


Nice worksheet for students to use. Not real familiar with the Explore PT rubric, but my guess is your worksheet details come from the rubric. Is that the case?


Can anyone help me to understand what “authoritative sources” really mean in Data Innovation One-pager Rubric documents?
Obviously, I would not consider the wikipedia is “authoritative” sources, but what about digital magazine or individual blog?



I think this is tough to pin down. I tell my students to look for references from well-known organizations that have a history of ‘expertise’ in the field. Some of the innovations they choose may lend themselves to questionable articles. I tell them to use wikipedia as a jumping off point and to visit the articles listed in the reference sections.

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