‘16-‘17 General Discussion for Lesson 4.9


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


Hi, I don’t expect you guys to do this as the latest update shows December 2016, but will the rubric for this practice PT be updated to mimic the current scoring guide for the explore performance task?


I’ll ask, but it may be unlikely.


hi, @janel.lemieux!

we updated the rubric for lesson 4.9 in early december to mirror the new scoring guidelines for the explore task. you’ll note that because some folks had already started the project using the original rubric, we didn’t delete it entirely, instead we marked it as old and added the new version below. you can find the new guidelines starting on page 7 of the lesson 9 practice pt doc, here.


This is my first year teaching AP and according to other AP teachers in our school, students taking the Collegeboard AP Test in May are exempt from taking a final in school in June. Since I am requiring all my students to complete the Explore and Create Projects, I was thinking this should count for 40% of their final for the school. Is anyone else doing this? I still have to figure out how to handle the remaining 60% for those taking the AP test. I am struggling with the fact that students are “paying for the test” to get out of a final for the class.


Targeted Marketing and Personalization

Apple vs. FBI Cybersecurity

I am trying to understand what topics are allowed and not allowed by college board for the explore task. I encouraged my students to do research on a broad category of topics with respect to big data and cryptography. The results were very interesting. There were responses on cloudbleed, backdoor to encryption for national security, and data privacy to name a few.
Here are a couple student submissions for the 4.9: Practice PT - Big Data and Cyber security Dilemmas.
I think these address the rubric. What is your opinion?



I could only see the first example. Based on the webinar, students need to be very clear on what the innovation is, its purpose and how it impacts society or a larger segment of society. Individual impacts will not get the point. Why is it bad if many user cannot participate in an informed discussion? What is the big picture? This I think will be challenging for most students. Now, this assignment is a little different from the Explore task. I would love to ask some additional opinions.

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@mmathews this activity practices many of the skills necessary for the Explore PT but…

  1. It was never designed to be identical to the Explore PT itself. For example, a cybersecurity dilemma itself would NOT be a good topic for the Explore PT.
  2. We opted not to update this lesson this school year as we go about responding to changes to the Explore PT Scoring Guidelines. In other words, it is worth knowing that specific wordings in this activity do not precisely manage those on the updated Scoring Guidelines. We opted instead to make updates to the two Rapid Research activities in this unit.
  3. We have entirely updated the Explore PT Prep Unit where you’ll find lots of resources to help you and your students understand and complete the task, including your question about choosing good topics.

If you need a good rule of thumb I would say it’s that students likely possess the skills necessary to complete the Explore PT from having completed this lesson but in terms of actually understanding the nuances of the task I would do the activities in the Explore PT Prep unit. Hope that helps!


Thank you! This helps. Yes. the other two Rapid Research activities were more detailed and students understood how to do those better than this activity.


Thank you for those question prompts that I can use to help students focus on the impact on society rather than the individual.