‘16-‘17 General Discussion for Lesson 5.1



Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


A few of my students have discovered that the “puzzles” throughout Unit 5 don’t check for validation when the students click “Finish.” Any chance that gets fixed?


@msaxton At this point, all the validation is already in place.

I have some students too who skip over bubbles, usually because they don’t need that level of scaffolding, but some times it is because they are behind and they think skipping over them makes them “caught up”. We had a discussion about why skipping ahead isn’t a good solution - it is like skipping how to use verbs in Spanish, you want to know how to use them… it would be ridiculous for you to “skip it”.

Also, taking a look at reading pseudocode periodically has helped me check in with what students understand more frequently as well. There are some pseudocode examples at the end of unit 5 for you to use with students. if that’s helpful.


Once you upload an image, do you have to do anything to save it in the assets? Some students say they are disappearing.


Hi @carmichaelc

Are you still running into issues of students losing images? Can you tell me generally what steps lead to them losing their images?