‘16-‘17 General Discussion for Lesson 5.10


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


I did the first half of the lesson today in class. I love the dialogue to help students see the iterative process.

I rand this as a whole-class activity where we together programmed the basic functionality. I would stop after each step an ask some questions to prompt what came next. Then we would program a bit and then repeat. This was the first time I had done a “whole-class” programming day like this, but it went fairly well. It helped slow down the class thinking and watching students brainstorm was wonderful! I felt like they had gotten in their own bubble with the previous activities. I think next year I would do another one of these earlier (like the clicker game).

I think students got a better feel for the “chipping away” at a big problem bit by bit. I also used it as an opportunity to talk about making comments in our code along the way to keep track of our progress.

Finally, I liked how it brought up the idea of functions once again. I felt like students had forgotten about the value of functions since our “Design a digital scene” program. This activity helped demonstrate the value of functions once again.

I am planning on finishing up the basics of the app tomorrow and then letting students do one of the extension activities on the app.


Update #2 here: This lesson took my students 3 days to do. I think it could easily be done in less time, but I liked having a little more space to play. The first day we just got as far as making the “setBoard” function. The second day we finished up the rest of the functionality. The third day I required students to choose a way to expand the app as described in level 23. Some students got really creative with this and added some “easter eggs” into the game.

One thing I learned by teaching this 4 times was that for testing purposes, it was a good idea to make the “slightly different color” dramatically different so it was easier for me to test the app. After a while, all of the colors started to look the same, so by adding a value of 100 to each RGB value for testing purposes, I could more easily test it out. I would HIGHLY recommend this even from an access perspective if you have students who might be color blind.