‘16-‘17 General Discussion for Lesson 5.4


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


How many days should this lesson take?


Depending on the level of programming experience your students have, this lesson can be completed in one or two sessions. My classes are block scheduled and I have students who have some years of programming experience so, I’d expect them to finish the stages in one session. You know your students best. Plan this lesson based on how well you think they would grasp the concepts of using variables and how long you think it may take them to complete the tasks.


Has anyone else noticed that the AutoGrader for Lesson 5.4 allows students to submit a wide range of incorrect code (or no code at all) on the majority of the puzzles?

For example:

Puzzle 25 - students receive a “puzzle finished” message and green completed circle without changing the values of any of the variables. I also had a student submit an undefined variable and it was still marked as correctly completed…


Your observations are correct. Some bubbles have validation while others do not. There is no bug.


I’m a little stuck. I have been acting as a student and now I have totally gone brain dead and just want the teacher shortcut for bubble 16. Someone showed me the teacher helper section for coding but for the life of me I don’t recall as to where it is. Anyone?


Hi @mathisd3

I hear you - it is that tough time of the year where we are all holding on to spring break!

On the right hand side of the screen there is a little arrow that slides out the teacher panel. You can see some example solutions there. Not every section has an example solution though - is there a part you are struggling with that I can help with?

Happy coding!


I have block style classses and this is my first time teaching AP CSP. Can you email me and maybe give me some help on how to finish strong!



The answer key does not show up on bubble 16.


I don’t see an answer key for that bubble either, so my guess is that’s one of the levels that don’t come with an answer key. The point of that bubble is for students to try to follow the code and figure out what’s actually stored in variables a and b at the end of the program. They check by adding two console.log statements - one to show the value of a ( console.log(a); ), one to show the value of b.
The console log should display:


Thanks Frank, I see that in bubble 18 they give you the answer.