'16 - '17 General Discussion for Optional 6.2


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


I really liked the one-way function lesson with the wifi hotspots problem and thought it would be really great if there was a widget for that activity, so I hacked one together over the weekend. I used it with my class this past Tuesday and it went really well. I am planning on eventually cleaning it up the code a bit and possibly adding some more options, like getting a code that could be used to share a puzzle, but for now this is what I have (it is currently hosted on a domain I use for another website)

http://combolockhelper.com/wifi1.html (The puzzle from the first activity)
http://combolockhelper.com/wifi2.html (The second activity, where you get to build your own puzzle)

On github: https://github.com/nikzb/vertex-cover-playground


I love it. Thanks for sharing!


Wow Nik this is really impressive, especially the ability to build you own puzzle. Thanks so much for sharing.


I have improved the Wifi Hotspot web-app I created for this lesson.

Here is the new link for the puzzle from the first activity: http://vertexcover.herokuapp.com/hotspot/CODE

Here is the new link for the build your own puzzle activity: http://vertexcover.herokuapp.com/create

The major updates are:

Students now get a code and a link to their puzzle when they create it. That way they can share puzzles with each other and challenge others to solve them. I also upgraded the user interface in the create mode to allow for deleting unwanted nodes.

On the main page, students can try different puzzles by clicking “Try Another Graph” and select what size puzzle they want to try.


This update is awesome @nbaltatzis thanks for sharing!