20-21 version vs 19-20 version

There are certain things that I really liked about the 19-20 version that no longer exist in the 20-21 version. I liked the fact that a skill was taught then added to their personal website. The students learned how to make headings and paragraphs then used those tags to start creating their websites. When they learned how to add images they then added those images to the same website. They build their personal website continually through the whole unit. Their website would be there every time so that they could add to it.

The 20-21 version does not have their website appear throughout. I liked making one personal website not many small versions of websites. The one thing I did like about the 20-21 version were all the challenges. I had my students do the majority of the challenges. I also had my students copy and paste the code from their personal website onto other levels because I wanted them to keep working on the same website.


I used last year’s web design and then moved to the new year after that unit. I did like the new web unit for my older students but it was too confusing for my freshman.