2nd semester final exam



I was just wondering what others are doing for a final exam for CSP. My first semester final covered Units 1-4 so there isn’t much new material since then. Any suggestions are helpful - thanks!


Hi @agrant

Great question! Are you teaching the AP version of the course or a non-AP version? If you are teaching the AP version, there is a secure AP test you can get access to that might be a good cumulative final for you to consider.

Otherwise, I would highly recommend a final project as a semester final. In the past, I have had students create a project the week or two up to exams and then share it in a presentation during the scheduled “final” time.

It is a nice way to end the year and not so stressful for students. Students seem to appreciate the freedom to apply what they have learned in the project.

Happy coding!


Kaitie, thanks for the feedback. Yes, this is the AP CSP class - how do I access the secure AP test? We are doing a final project now but I believe we are also required to give a written final. I was thinking of doing a shorter version of the test similar to the one I gave them at the end of the 1st semester.


Sure! You can access the secure tests on the College Board website. When you log in, go to the “Course Audit” and on the left hand side you will see a spot to “access secure documents”. There are two tests there you can use.

I think that is a good option if you need to give a written test because of school requirements, but a project may be more motivating for students.


If your school allows it, consider using performance tasks as part of the final exam such as having students create or debug an app.