5.1: Preparing for the Explore PT


Use this thread is for reporting feedback to the writing team about this lesson. We’ll use your feedback to make updated and modifications to the lesson, so please do feel free to be candid about what did and didn’t work! We’d love to hear what you did to make lessons successful in your classroom, so your feedback could be about anything from how you paced the activities to how to clarified instructions.



I’m currently at an AP training and a big concern among the teachers is having the Explore and Create PTs back to back at the end of the year. A lot would like to have the Explore portion before Christmas break and then in the Spring, have time for the Create PT. Do you think the students will be ready for the Explore PT by December by following Code.org’s curriculum?



@joe_padon I don’t know if you saw this conversation on the other part of the forum, but there were a few teachers talking about this elsewhere too.

I am actually a little nervous about preparing my Ss for writing in this task. I think it is not so much the CS skills that they will lack for this as much as the critical thinking and writing in the content area that I am nervous about. For that reason, I am going to be doing a lot of practice writing during the first semester with feedback. Then, second semester, I am going to have students do the Explore task for real.

For practice, tomorrow we are evaluating one of the example tasks the college board has and talk about the rubric used. Then we are going to start to write up 2c that explains one positive and negative effect the computing innovation has and do some research.


Thanks @kaitie_obryan!

That’s a great idea. When are you adding these in the lessons? Are you adding them in at the end of a chapter or are you just having them write something relevant to what topic you’re currently on? Also, are you doing the write up as a class?

Sorry for all the questions but I like this idea and plan on using it here in the next week or so.

Thanks again!


AP Explore and Create Samples - AP Central

Here is the link to the samples on AP Central in case anyone wanted easy access.