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How can we view programs that students are creating for the Create PT on code studio so that we can grade them after they have been submitted to the college board? Is there a way to open them in code studio?


Ask them to click on the Share Link and provide you that link. You will then be able to run their app. Once the app is open, you can click on the View Code Link to get to their code.


Thanks for your question! You’re in luck - we’re actually planning on releasing the v1 of a new feature early next week that will let teachers view all their students’ standalone apps from the teacher dashboard. So if you click into one of your sections where you see the purple tabs for Progress, Text Responses, etc. there will be a new tab for “Projects.” This tab will have a table of all of your student apps that they did outside the lessons by remixing or creating a new App Lab project. After this, you won’t need to have your students explicitly provide the share links to you anymore :slight_smile:


This is awesome news! :sunglasses::blush::+1:t4::v:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::ok_hand:t4::100:


Is there a way for students to work in the same space in App lab? My students are doing their AP test and they picked their partner, but they aren’t able to see each other’s work.


AppLab does not support students working in the same space. Your students can share their code by using the Share / Remix method in AppLab. Your students will need to site the code each of them wrote in their app.