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Hello all,

I will be using the lessons to teach Intro to Digital Technology for high school students, mostly 9th and 10th graders. This lesson seems similar to a lesson that I taught last year where I had student come up with something that they could teach someone else. Here are some of the things that my students listed:

  • Drawing
  • Playing Sports (Soccer, Baseball, etc)
  • Becoming a Color Guard
  • Making music on the computer
  • Dancing

Not sure if this is exactly what this lesson is asking.
*Also I’ve recently found out about https://www.smore.com which is a website that helps students create posters. I’m look forward to introducing this method with my students this upcoming school year.


I know this is a late post but I thought I should share some pictures from my class about Unit 1… The kids had a great time with the boat experiment and the class created our very own problem solving (wall)poster…

Now anyone who comes into my room will have the ability to see and hopefully use the Problem Solving Process…


Thanks so much for sharing those posters. My class will benefit from this example.