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I wish there were large posters available with vocabulary words. I’d like a visual reminder for students since they are learning a large amount of new vocabulary fairly quickly. Is there anything like this available?

For example - the words Parameter, Variable and Function - I’d like to have a large poster with the defintions of these words.


Maybe the students could create them? You could provide the place and they could add the words that they feel are words that they need to know.


Our school has a poster maker. Each unit has a vocabulary pdf that could be printed as a poster.

I do not make posters as there are SO many terms.

I recommend that my students create a Google doc where they copy and paste new code/vocab and then define the new info in their own words.


I like that students get to make their own meaning in this class and having them create their own list in their own words speaks to that. I do think that a way to post this in the classroom would be awesome too.