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teapot video
This video explains why a teapot is used in this lesson. Had no idea about the history, might be enlightening/fun for the kids to see this 2 minute video (Unit 4 lesson 1)


This is an interesting/fun video. I will probably show my students. My students asked me why we spent time looking at teapots instead of something they were interested in. Throughout this unit, I stressed the importance of user-centered design and explained that we would be designing an App for a client not for themselves.


This is great! Thanks so much. I’m a facilitator in Utah and “tea” is actually something many students (and teachers) don’t drink in Utah due to the predominant religion in the state. The fact that the teapot is known as the Utah teapot (due to it’s origins in Utah) and also as Karen points out the fact that designing for a 3rd party is the whole goal of the lesson, are both great reasons for Utah teachers to leave the teapot as the focus of the lesson as I know a tendency would be to find a different object to refer to.