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I’m getting ready to teach Unit 6 and I am not clear how the addition of movement to the ghost sprite in the animation tab is done and whether that is taught to the students.



Great to hear you are on Unit 6! Are you talking about the Ghost that moves its “legs” as the students are engaging and moving it around the screen? I don’t know if that was Code.org Staff magic, a loop that switches between costumes or a gif. I wanted to clarify your question before I push to them. Let me know!



The ghost sprite uses multiframe animation, which is introuced at the very end of Unit 3 (lesson 20 level 4). If you open up the animation tab, you’ll see that the ghost has a whole bunch of frames that get cycled through automatically (the turtle-bunny slider underneath the thumbnail controls how quickly it cycles through frames). For most of unit three we have this disabled for the sake of simplicity.


Thanks for your helpful response!