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In the survival guide, you have boxes for each response to be drafted with keywords/subheadings per se, added in blue. For example . . .
Name of innovation:
Computational Artifact Purpose:

I have been telling my kids they should write a paragraph response. However, in my usual style I’m second guessing myself. Since their writing style doesn’t seem to matter in scoring, I’m wondering if by providing these you are suggesting they address each part of the prompt following the titles such as
Name of Innovation: Sony Walkman
Purpose: Listen to music on the go


As you have mentioned yourself, writing style does not matter from the scoring prespective. I think the subheadings are there mainly to ensure that students respond to each part of the prompt. Often the distinction between function and purpose is confusing and the prompt helps students think about them individually. As a scorer, I would like to see “to the point” responses and these prompts help in that.