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Hi Erik,

I found this podcast episode to be super helpful in generating ideas for how to use AI in the classroom. In particular, this teacher has used ChatGPT in her high school English class.

Here’s an article about a high school CS teacher who used ChatGPT to generate a lesson plan. And another teacher who used the documentary Coded Bias to teach about bias in AI technology.

I’m excited to hear about other AI in education resources out there!


This is a good one for MS/HS students learning about AI based hiring practices and coded bias.

It’s a little old, but still very relevant and prescient for its time.

Great idea creating this forum. There’s so much to process with AI it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ve tried using Chat GPT to generate Game Lab code, and it doesn’t seem to know how the library works, so the code isn’t correct, which might be a good thing. On the other hand, I’ve got preliminary success generating Unity C# scripts, which I think is great - It might just open the door to creating content in a real game engine. LLMs are only going to keep getting better at coding, which I think means that gradually the most valuable skill set will shift from technical ability to creative vision skills (eventually AI will be able to do everything except for coming up with ideas for what to use itself for). Strange times!


I’m looking forward to using AI in the classroom, whether that be ChatGPT or some other LLM. I like what @dhartman is experimenting with. Unity is very popular with students of mine that have their own personal projects. I’m an avid Planet Money listener and they had a 3 part series where they had AI make a podcast episode. All three parts are fascinating but here is a link to the final outcome.

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Thanks for sharing that @sam_stafford ! Another good resource for podcasts about AI and other CS topics is MarketPlace tech. The top three segments listed today are on AI. Each segment is 5-10 minutes. I listened to one or two of the current segments each day with my students after the AP exam, and we had good discussions afterwards!


AI is taking over and we need to teach it.