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For Los Angeles Teachers, what is the Code your school/counselors are using for the APCSP course?


I am interested in enrolling 3 high school girls in the code.org principals course.
They are currently in 9th and 10th grade in Bay Area high school and are not taking the CS in the school.

All 3 girls are in different schools. These are daughters of software engineers who can help them with the missed lessons because we are starting late.

I would like to know more details on how I can register them to take the course, learn and if possible also give the AP exam at the end.


The AP Computer Science Principles course is taught by teachers who have been trained by Code.org. The course is sponsored and endorsed by high schools in partnership with the College Board. Students enrolled in the course must complete two Performance Tasks (Create & Explore ) that must be completed in a classroom monitored by an endorsed AP teacher. The tasks are part of a three part assessment of the course that culminates with the written exam in May. Upon completion, the Performance Tasks are then uploaded to the College Board for assessment. There are some schools that teach the AP CSP course as a semester based course. I would contact the schools where the girls attend to see if the course is offered in this manner or as a full year course. At this point in the year, I think finding a semester based option is best.


I am also interested in getting my school setup to offer AP CS Principles, but for the 18-19 academic year as a year-long course. Who endorses AP CS Principles teachers and what is criteria for endorsement?

I’ve attempted to contact someone regionally about CS Principles teacher training, but that’s fallen on deaf screens so-to-speak via the online form. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @james.huval,

Criteria to be able to teach computer science are different in every state. We have regional partners around the country that will know more about your specific area. If you want to send me a private message I may be able to get you in contact with the one in your area.

In terms of getting trained to teach the course, you may want to consider applying for the training this coming summer. The applications will open in January. You can get on the list to be notified about applications here.




Excellent, thanks Dani! I’ll get on that list and PM you.


@dani, I’m not seeing where I can PM with you with details, either from your profile or my account area. Feel free to email me james.huval@stmsaints.com. If it helps get the ball rolling on putting me in touch with the right person, I’m in southern Louisiana.


@archana0808 I think from a practical standpoint it’s also just worth knowing that our lessons are written assuming a classroom environment which means that students are in a room together with a teacher. Some of our activities assume more than three students as well so modifications would need to be made. There’s no reason you couldn’t use the materials as they’re freely available, but be aware you may need to make modifications.

As @terence.stone25 called out, if students want to take the exam they’ll need to be monitored by a teacher while they complete the two Performance Tasks. I think I would just reach out directly to the College Board to determine what your options are at this point.

Glad to hear you’re bringing CSP to your area and let us know if we can offer more help!