Alternative Test Assessment IDEA


Hey All

I just wanted to share a few things:

  1. I loved the additional TEST assessments in Unit 5. I feel very strongly that when students have to read, analyze, correct, find missing, predict and correct CODE, they learn how to think and empathize like a robot or computer. in my opinion, this is an acquired skill which is essential in computer programming.

  2. IDEA: I just took a risk with Assessment #4 in U5. I put them in their partners for the upcoming PTs and we used this test as a TEAM-group Collaborative Assessment. (Groups of 2)

I wish you could hear the incredible discussions going on during the test between their PT group partners. You can actually see their brains turning as they provide one another their thoughts and feedback.

This has gone so well, I am thinking about doing the TEAM-Group-Partner test format for the extra 20 Pseudo-code questions at the end of Unit 5 as well.

Just a thought on various types of assessments using a Collaborative Model.


jkeays - I am interested in your idea. Did you make a list of your own questions?
If so I would love to use them -


No. I used the questions in the ASSESSMENTS provided in Unit 5 of Code Studio.


No. The questions were from studio.code within Unit 5. There are several tests for Chapter 5.