AP Score Reports

I’m trying to decipher the College Board’s AP CSP cut scores (i.e. what’s the minimum score required for a 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1). These are published for all of the other courses to my knowledge, but not for AP CSP. I have contacted College Board and asked, but they refuse to give out this information. The only piece of information that has been released regarding scoring of the test is that the multiple choice accounts for 60% of a student’s score, the create task accounts for 24%, and the explore task accounts for the final 16%.

Now that the score reports have been released and reformatted from previous years to include more detailed information, I’m trying to use statistics to determine the cut scores. However, with the reports I only have three data points, my class, my state, and the global test performance. That said, I was hoping that some of y’all could report your state and class performances on each of the three tasks in order to give me more data points. Here are my class’s results as a template. These are all raw scores not percentages.

My Class

  1. Average Number of Multiple Choice Questions Correct = 43.4
  2. Create Average = 5.2
  3. Explore Average = 6.5
  4. Average AP Score = 3.21

I’d be happy to share my results as more data comes in. Thanks for any help.

My Class (keep in mind this is an International School (small class - 14 students)) - Block Schedule

  1. Average Number of Multiple Choice Questions Correct = 50.2
  2. Create Average = 7.1
  3. Explore Average = 7.4
  4. Average AP Score = 4.43

I want to find out how each individual student did in the exam and the coursework. I can’t seem to find that data. Anyone?