Are you giving a Final Exam?


My school insists all teachers give a “Final” - a test, not a project grade. Is anyone else giving a final exam in CS Discoveries? I’m mulling over trying to create a debugging exercise or short coding challenge.


Can you have them make something and then answer questions about it for the final? I am giving the students a set of instructions to make an animation using sprites and the draw loop and then they have to add it to a web page and answer some questions. It is all done using the website in the projects section. The test portion could come as in answering questions about what they made.


I am required to give a final exam in my high school CSD class. However, being this is a broad brush class covering many topics (which I like), I know it has been forever since we have visited a lot of topics. Like HTML. So I am thinking of creating more of a terms/vocab type of final that I would I would want my students to know from having taken this class.