Assessing with Illuminate


Does anyone use Illuminate to assess students? If so, has anyone created any assessments for CSD Units 1-3 or 4-6?


We actually have illuminate at our district too. I do not make any exams for CSD and only use projects and presentations for grading. If you need some assessment ideas, there are many on the forum.
Check out the search function and let me now what you find.


Our district uses it and I have to show that I use it also so that’s why I developed that midterm (to utilize it in Illuminate). By the way…I don’t check the posts here very often…I think I have a million messages! :frowning: The best way to get me is via email @


The district I work in uses Illuminate. I was just thinking of creating something in Illuminate, but I am only teaching Unit 1- 3 this year. This is our 1st year with CS Discoveries. I would be glad to share any Illuminate assessment I create with you.


Thank you, one of my goals this year ( as part of my eval) is to give a pre and a post final, and an assessment at the end of each unit.

When I create my assessments, I’ll share them with you as well.


I am working on Unit 1 assessment (quiz). I will share it with you once I have it done. I am not sure how to share with you in Illuminate since you are not in my district. I will work on figuring that out unless you know how. I will send you an attachment with the assessment. I am hoping to finish it tonight.


Thank you for the follow-up. I’ll look into ‘sharing outside of the district’ and see if it’s possible. Illuminate is always very helpful. I’ll let you know what I find out.


Here is the test I came up with. I also connected with Illuminate. They said if I mark the questions as public you should be able to save them and then pick the questions you want in your assessments. I will work on changing the questions. I have attached the assessment.

Unit 1 CS DIscovies Student.pdf (67.8 KB)

Unit 1 CS Discoveries.pdf (117 KB)


I just made 1 question public. Will you check to see if you can see it. The id number is 3527378.

There may be another way to share it as well. We just had Traverse City schools shared some assessments with us a different way. I am going to look into that. I am not sure if they were item bank or manual/hybrid assessments.



I am not able to view it. Apparently, you have to make an “assessment view” then download it and email it to me. I then download it and upload it into my assessments.

Go to “Create Assessment View”

Give it a Title, Description, and choose Assessment/s to add.

Once Created, go to Advance and choose Export Assessment View

Then, email the file.