Assessment 1: lessons 1 - 5


Use this space for any questions related to the first fixed-response assessment.


Alright, I’ve been using apcsp all year and I still am not sure how I’m supposed to grade the writing. Especially on tests. I really wan to be able to grade the free responses form this test, by marking the responses as correct or incorrect and having it tally to the assessment score. Is there some way to apply the rubric from the key and award points that go toward a student’s total assessment score? Or am I supposed to just look at what they wrote and transfer it to my gradebook as a separate grade? This is not preferable.


Sorry, unfortunately it is not currently possible to provide feedback for free responses through code studio.


I can’t understand what happened to the Unit 5 Lessons 1-5 Assessment? My class took it and I could see the results and now I see nothing. Anyone experience this?


@bruce_a_pfleger that’s strange. Can you double check something? This is how I get to view the assessment results - I go to the students, click on the “Assessments/Surveys” tab and then choose the unit.

Now, this is when it gets weird. I can see the assessment for 20 seconds and then I get the “surveys” information.

BUT, when I scroll down, the assessment information is there. I just have to scroll past the surveys. For me that is the bottom quarter of the page. Can you see if you can find them there?

In the mean time I will let them know that there seems to be some bug with the dropdown or how the page is loading. Let me know if you still don’t see them when you scroll down though - that would mean there’s a bigger issue.