Assessment for CSD- Web Deveopment Unit


I am new to this community. I am teaching CSD in high school. We are doing Unit 2- Web Development. Are there any suggested assessments for this unit?


What type of assessments are you looking for? You can definitely use the two projects as summative assessments. I also think that along the way, you can just say for instance lesson 4 bubble 6 is going to be graded. In the lesson plan there is a teaching tip that says this too.

So take a look through the lessons and look for these types of bubbles.
If you want other kinds or need something specific, maybe chime back in and let us know.


Thanks. I need multiple choice assessment when students are done with web development unit. If I create one, I will share it.


Here is a quiz that I made for the first few lessons of Unit 2

HTML Quiz 1 - Google Forms.pdf (109.1 KB)


Any chance you could post that as a google form for us to make a copy of?


Here is a link to the form:

Not sure how else I can share it


I have created Google Docs for each of the lessons in the first part of Unit 2 to track student work and encourage students to complete each step carefully. As they complete each puzzle they will screenshot their work and put the image in their notes. Not all lessons were formatted this way so these can be used for Lessons 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Then they can submit the notes through whatever LMS your district uses. I’m still working on Docs for the rest of the unit and I will share them when I’m finished.

**I will have to make a few posts because it will only let me attach two links per post.

Lesson 3

Lesson 4


Docs for lesson 6 and 7.

Lesson 6

Lesson 7


Docs for lessons 8 and 9.

Lesson 8

Lesson 9


Thanks for sharing the link to your HTML quiz.


Thanks for sharing the HTML Quiz.


hey Michelle, this is Mike thanks for sharing the quiz.


Thank you for sharing the quiz!


To assess my students, I use practice board. Its a free tool where students can practice their html tags. I typically give students a list of tasks and they have to demonstrate using the appropriate tags. For example when we did lists, I gave them a recipe and students had to put in tags for Headers, ordered/unordered lists, list items, and paragraphs. At the end of the assessment, I have students print out their sheet. I can see the tags they used and the final product. Its the best tool that I have been able to find for students to demonstrate HTML tagging skills.