Assessment for Unit 1 Lessons 1-7 (Chapter 1)


As I read through some of the posts I totally agree that some of the Unit 1 Chapter 1 questions require teachers to pull additional resources to explain binary, octal, decimal, and hexidecimal conversions. Also, I thought 10 questions was not enough, so I created an additional 20 point test using a variety of resources. My students took the online 10 point test and my 20 point test. I wanted to share with everyone but I received a message “new users can’t upload a document” Oh well, I thought it was a great test, yielded typical bell curve results. Anyone knows how a new user can upload a document, let me know.


@krthibodeaux thanks for sharing. If you try to put link to the document in Google drive or Dropbox, you should be able to share the test.


Hi @krthibodeaux

Sorry you couldn’t upload the document to share with everyone. The new user marking is to help keep the forum from being spammed. I went in and bumped your user level so hopefully you should now be able to share it. Try it out and let me know how it goes!



I noticed the same things. I decided that when I gave it I told the students not to worry, that some of the questions they could think their way through and do their best. I then had them take the quiz alone, but before submitting their answers, they paired up to review their questions. If they wanted, they could group up with another pair. In this way, it prompted many discussions and students explaining their thinking to other students. It worked extremely well and I will definitely consider doing this again, especially now that I see that some of the same issues are coming through for chapter 2.


I attached the exam. If you have any comments or suggestions please share. Thanks.


I looked ahead at’s 10-problem assessment so I knew that I would have to bring in additional classroom activities around Hex conversions latency/bandwidth and “Why Binary”, so my students ended up doing well - most scores were 7 to 9. In general, though, I liked the types of problems and the wording of the assessment, but agree with others in the need to increase these assessments to about 20 questions and to make sure that they correspond to the objectives of the previous lessons (obviously changing the lessons instead of the assessment is an option as well). Being a first time AP Course, I struggle with the level at which this course should be taught. Seeing AP-like questions is quite helpful to me and the students. I also really liked the ability to unlock the questions, give the assessment in class, and re-lock it.

Thank you, @krthibodeaux. Your questions were excellent as well and would make a great addition/supplement to the online assessment.


Thank you @krthibodeaux for sharing your test.

If any other teachers have created assessments/questions, please share in this forum.



How long are students taking to do the test?


My students took both tests: the 10 point online test and the 20 point test in less than 50 minutes. Most complete both in about 40.


Thanks @krthibodeaux for this. Would you like to share the answer key😉


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Great job. Looking for your answer key now.


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You’re the best!


Here are some review Kahoots.
This one is from last year and is mostly binary:

Here is one that one of last year’s students created for me to use this year.


Hello, I am reading the articles about Unit 1 test questions - I am new to, can you tell me where to find it?
Thanks Francie



Whoops! That should do it.


This video is a very good tool. I am teaching my students binary, octal and hexadecimal computation with “dials” I made, but this video reinforces where I stumble and gives visuals like the four fingered cartoon people I can not.


Hi Francie,

The tests are part of the script for Unit 1 on Code Studio. In order to see it though you must have a verified teacher account. If you are not seeing them on that page there should be one right at the beginning and one after stage 7, then you should apply to be a verfied teacher here.


CSP Team


Thanks for sharing, Doug! This is great!