Assessment for Unit 1 Lessons 1-7 (Chapter 1)


we need test but this is not a viable test.


Hi - I’m having a hard time finding the answer key for this assessment.
I don’t see enough of the blue teacher only boxes.
Help appreciated!


Hi Kate, do you see some blue teacher only boxes, but not all? The developers are investigating a similar sounding issue. Does refreshing a couple of times fix it?



Hi Kate, have you clicked on the 2 blue bubbles next to "Unit 1 Chapter 1 Assessment? This is where the answer key is found. Please let us know if the problem is not resolved.
Hope this helps,


Did anyone offer a study guide for the first test?


Hi! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this, I really really appreciate it. I have no CS background so this is a challenging course for me to teach. Are you providing your students with any additional readings for them to know the answers to these questions. From teaching the lessons, I’m only able to answer about half of these! For instance, matching the bit sending technology to the proper underlying system. Please advice, it is MUCH appreciated. My e-mail is or, thank you SO MUCH!


I think the hex questions are fine where they are. They just require understanding number systems. However, we did struggle with the bandwidth and latency question. What resources might you have to understand these concepts?



Those words are called out in the video: Wires Cables and WiFi.

If you do a search in the forum (click the search spy glass at the top-right) for latency or bandwidth you’ll find additional posts about it, with, at the very least, explanations you can use with your students.


@baker Thanks for the explanation.

@dougmmcnally @krthibodeaux Thanks for the inspiration!

I expect my students would react poorly to the assessment built into Code Studio. Most of them have no idea what an AP exam is and have never taken an AP class before. Some of them think of themselves as poor test takers (our school is exempt from NYS standardized tests) and as a class they’re just getting the hang of the “Concept Invention” and “Group Problem Solving” lesson style.

I don’t want to give them the impression that having open-ended lessons means they’ll be poorly equipped for the exam. I think I will create my own assessment with a mix of straightforward review questions and unfamiliar questions to push their thinking.

As they gain confidence, I will push them more and more outside of their comfort zone when it comes to assessments.


@ebeastlake I love that line of thinking. If you have successfully got students working on concept invention and group work, that is HUGE! Nice work!


Would love to see this. It’s asking for a Nearpod pin. Any chance we could have access.
Thank you in advance.


The pin is to run the lesson live.
If you have a Nearpod account I can share the lesson teacher to teacher.
Pins are temporary to run the lesson/presentation in your “classroom”.


Any thoughts of scrambling the questions and having an A and B test so that when students that are sitting inches away from each other can’t cheat as easily? I know I can probably make 24 blinders or take the tests in shifts and I can also make my own tests but thought I’d throw this out there.


I will pass this question on to the CSP team. Stay tuned for an update.


My students took chapter 1 assessment today. We didn’t have time to review the answers since today was a half-day.
A few of them had trouble answering the hex questions, but they understood the bits and binary questions. Overall, I think it was a positive experience for them being exposed to AP style questions. They have realized they need to apply critical thinking skills while completing the test.


At this point, there are no plans the create A/B versions of the tests in Code Studio.
A plugged strategy, that I would use is to re-assigned seats on test days. I would also arrange my monitors in such a way that it eliminates line of sight from other students as much as possible.
An unplugged strategy, is to utilize a few of the tests posted in the forum to create your A/B version of the tests. I hope the suggestions help to maintain the integrity of your assessments.


Can someone describe to me how to get the answer for question? I guess I have a problem with the wording since I have access to the key but I am still having a hard time with it.



Which question are you referring to?


No problem. Just a thought. I plan to have them take in shifts in the future. The room setup can’t be modified. I will probably make A / B paper tests too. Thanks for checking.


I gave an assessment with similar questions to the chapter 1 and 2 exam along with a few other assessment items. It was a little rough. And by “a little” I mean “a lot”. I was really concerned about giving students their test scores - even with “re-learning” and “re-assessment” I was concerned that for some of these students, seeing this score would deflate them.

SO… today I gave them back their bubble sheets without any corrections on them. I said they could work with one partner and look over their tests together - discuss the differences, and then come to a conclusion together. Before hand I did a nice little lecture about how this is about LEARNING, not the grade. So it was more important that they asked each other questions to clarify their understanding rather than that they both “put A” as their answer. Students were engaged the full time - they got to practice their collaboration skills, and we got to practice our test-taking skills together.

One thing I keep thinking about is how I am going to do test-prep for students in April/May. We have one practice test from the AP… and… that’s it. I know there is a bigger picture than the AP test for this class, but at the same time, I do want my students to do well and I literally don’t know how to ensure that happens.

ALSO, for this unit, I used Baker’s analogy of plumbing and latency/bandwidth and it helped clarify the difference for students - thanks!