Assessment for Unit 1 Lessons 1-7 (Chapter 1)


Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed and shared in this thread. I gave the online assessment in class today and had the students work independently, then pair up with someone they hadn’t yet worked with before submitting their answers. Scores ranged from 1 (3 students) to 9 (1 student). I left the assessment unlocked as “read only” and instructed the students to review it tonight.

I’m currently tweaking the tests and quizzes that folks were kind enough to share here into my own exam that I will give tomorrow, and cross my fingers that kids manage to eek out grades that I can curve into something passable.

Again, thank you so much for sharing what you’ve already done, so that those of us behind the NYC 8-ball of late start & days off have resources to mooch! :slight_smile::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Looking forward to hearing how it went with your kids! Keep us posted.


How long does it take for your account to be verified?


Good morning!

I am a very new teacher to AP CSP, having attended the summer institute in Phoenix this summer after teaching English for 12 years :slight_smile:

I need help with the Unit 1 Chapter 1 Assessment, namely question 7. First of all, I am really unclear as to where these concepts were found in chapter 1 at all and I would love it if anyone could share a brief explanation of the answer to this question. My students don’t seem to agree with each other or the answer key :slight_smile:

A quick lesson on latency and bandwidth would be really helpful too.



There was a link shared that gave an explanation about latency and bandwidth. This might help.


This is my first year teaching Principles and using A year ago you attached a Unit 1. Chapter 1 exam. However, I cannot see a link to download it. Probably right in front of me but … Where can I find it now?


Since students have access to this forum, all tests have been removed. You will have to send a personal message to teachers who have offered to share their exams.


Thanks. plus some random characters to get past 20.


Ok, follow up question - how do I send a personal message? When I click on the teacher’s name, it looks to me like I’m posting to this forum again.


Hey @dsawyer it’s true the user interface looks very similar but if you compare you’ll see that the name of the specific teacher you’re messaging is shown. Here’s what it looks like when I start to message you. Let me know if that works!


Hello. I cannot see/find any of the assessments that are referred in this discussion thread…made by the ones who posted comments? Are they no longer available? Please help as I feel the same about the existing ‘suggested’ assessments from I also think the assessment can be longer.

PLEASE HELP. Thank you!



If you are not able to access assessments or other teacher materials while using the course, you may need to have your teacher account verified by submitting this form.

Happy computing!


It’s a little embarrassing to admit- but I need help understanding one of the questions on the Unit 1 Chapter 1 assessment. I don’t know if we’re supposed to post the actual questions here on the forum since students can access this area. Is there another avenue for asking this type of question?


Can you tell us what number you need help with?


I need help with number 3. The answer I think is correct is not :slight_smile:


I just sent you a personal message to try to answer that question.


Hello! Can you guide me as to where to find the chapter 1 assessment and the answer key? Just in case, my email is


Hi @jpham

Assessments can be found at the bottom of each chapter section.

Instructions on locking and unlocking the assessment can be found here.

If you click through to the bubbles for the assessment as a verified teacher, you can view the answers.