Assessment Lock Setting - After Test, Show students their grade?


My students have taken the Chapter 1 Assessment. I now want them to be able to see what they scored.
How would they do this?
What I wanted to do was select “Show answers” to put the assessment into a read-only mode. Then go through each question as a whole class discussing each question as they see how they answered it, and of course if they got it right or wrong. However, when I select this for all students nothing happens on the student end of things. The Assessment remains locked.

I would also settle for them just to see their own gradebook view of how they have scored. I asked my students if they had this as a view or option, and they could not find anything.

I don’t want to put their actual grade into our real online district gradebook because it might cause panic and parent phone calls!!


Show answers should put the assessment in a mode where the students see their both their answer and the correct answer. If the the assessment is remaining locked I recommend that you email the problem to


Not an isolated problem - I too am not seeing how to let students view their test with correct answers shown. I’ll send e-mail to support as well, but thought it worthwhile to post here. Like Doug, I selected “show answers”, and students just see a locked test (even though on my end, in lock settings, I see the radio button filled in for all students under “Answers visible (read-only)”. Might be that I and my students are missing something obvious, but there appears to be no way for students to access the test when it’s in “answers visible” mode.

Specific scenario: students took test one day, I wanted them to look at it in class on a later date with answers shown. Stumped.


I just tested it and I am also seeing the same thing. I sent email to I will report here what they tell me.


The response from

Thanks for writing in! This is a known bug with the read-only answer setting that you mentioned which we’re looking into a fix for as we speak. We anticipate this fix to be in place in 1-2 days at most. We appreciate your feedback!