Assessment Page User Experience


Hello! This is my first year teaching this class and I’m still learning the ins-and-outs of the site. I have a couple of questions about the assessment pages. First, under the Assessment/Surveys tab, is there some was to consolidate the tables? I still have the results from the pre-survey and I have to scroll and scroll to get to the next table of results. I only have 8 kids and by even mid-year, it will be really inefficient to see kid’s results. Also, I found the answer key for chapter assessments, but is there anywhere that breaks down each question with an explanation for the kids to refer to?

Thank you!


I also am a new user (so I could be wrong!) but this is what I’ve noticed. At the top of the page, we do have the ability to choose Unit that we are looking at. In the lower table, you also have the option to look at which specific assessment you are interested in…so I’m assuming that once we are in Unit 2, I can hide all of unit 1 (including that pre-survey).

That said, I’d love a hide/minimize to collapse the tables that I don’t currently want to look at (like the pre-survey)


Noted. This is a known issue that we’re working on. Keep the feedback coming. Thanks.



I am also a new user. I would like to read the responses to the questions from each student in code studio in an efficient manner. I see the download to a CSV file button, but when I do that, I get a website page of the information. I am having difficulty importing it into an excel file for easier formatting. I am using safari on my mac. Am I missing something??

BTW, I seriously love



Have you tried looking under the “progress” tab in your dashboard? If you click on a specific block for a specific student (like the purple block for my student “Albert”)) you can see their work for that. For the assessments, you still see all of the page/answer key etc (so not super efficient), but you can look at one student’s responses at a time.

(I apologize if you totally already knew that!)


@kohart did @biermanl’s solution work for you?

Also, have students taken an assessment with you yet? That might be part of the issue?


At school, I the download to a csv file worked fine. It must be an issue on my mac.