Assessments for Lesson 4.7


Use this thread to share and discuss your questions and comments about assessments for the lesson.


We consider the assessment for this lesson should be based on looking at the students worksheet organization, how they summarized the data and what categories they created. Also, it is important to see how the students represent their data using graphical information, how did the selecta given chart, how the categories are listed or represented in the graph.

We would like to consider that would be an important component of this assessment to make a short presentation to their peers, and see how they understand the data collected.


This lesson would be assessed on how well the students categorized the data using filtering, sorting and deleting records. Also students would be evaluated on how well they can standardize the text data they collect and use it for representing on a chart appropriate for display. The students can present their data representation and the peers can decide if the chart is appropriate for the data collected. The charts can be misleading when data is not correctly displayed.