Assessments for Lesson 5.2


Use this thread to share and discuss your questions and comments about assessments for the lesson.


A typical explore challenge will resemble a research paper so using a rubric to evaluate the content will be useful. Also make sure that the artifact created provides a brief explanation of the research done and is very visually rich in content.


Are we allowed to give students a rubric for the Explore PT? Mine is doubling as my senior final exam, and a big grade for my non-seniors, so I’d like the students to know how I will be assessing them.


Hi Katherine, we don’t have the official rubric for the explore PT released by the College Board, but when we do it would definitely be encouraged to share and review it with your students so they will know how they will be assessed!



I’m wondering if what my students have done for their Computational Artifact is going to count…
some of them just took screen shots of existing images and combined them into a new document, along with some comments. They didn’t actually make any images though.
Any thoughts?


Hi @katherine_pomeroy,

You can read about the exact details that the college board gives for the Computational Artifact on pages 44 and 75 in the Course Overview ( I don’t know the details of what your students created so its hard to say.