Big Idea 7: Global Impact



We are reviewing for the AP exam and came across the topic of scientific computing. I cannot think of a time this school year where we discussed that topic in the curriculum. Can someone help me out with resources in’s curriculum where scientific computing came up? Will this topic be on the AP Exam?


@dzulkiewski If it is in the purple book (which it is), then, yes, it is fair game for the exam. This was covered in lessons 1.1 and 4.1 but those were really broad lessons so the amount of detail maybe looked different depending on how your class approached those activities.

I personally think it is difficult to know how the impact section will be tested on the test. I do know it is the smallest part (10% of the MC test) and I really think it comes back to some of the bigger critical thinking skills that were developed in 1.1, 4.1 and throughout the curriculum. I did give my students an assignment to dig deeper into some of these global impact standards myself, but really I think the strongest way to do this is probably to pull out current events and articles that pop up throughout the year and discuss the impact students see from these current events.

Here is the impact activity guide I gave my students. I don’t LOVE it, but it forces them to do a bit more “rapid research” and connect it directly to the standards. I’ll be honest, students didn’t love the rapid research, but at least they got to pick what they read a bit about.