Bug in Course E, Lesson 19, Level 2 when choosing Studio Lab: no button arrows appear

In course E, lesson 19 (final project), when students remix any of the examples of studio lab (level 1), arrow keys appear beside the run button to allow those on keyboardless devices to control the sprites. (see screenshot here:

However, in level 2, when students have to do their own game and they choose studio lab, there are no arrow presents even though they chose the events “When up is pressed” or hit the run button - see screenshot attached.

This causes students with iPads to not be able to use arrow keys to control their sprites.

I have verified this bug on an iPad and on a computer, and it happened to at least 3 students. Can this be looked at?

Hi Samuel,
Thanks for letting us know about the issue. I’ll make sure this gets fixed this week. In the future, please send bug reports to support@code.org as this will ensure they get addressed as soon as possible!

Thank you Mike, I will keep that in mind.

The arrow buttons are now available in this level!

Indeed, I just checked! Thank you so much for fixing this and for doing it so quickly @mike