Can Game Lab be used for CSP Create Task

Last two years, my students have worked on App Lab for their Create Task. This year I have students who took the CS Discoveries class last year. They are comfortable using the Game Lab. Can they use the Game Lab for their projects instead of App Lab? I’m assuming yes, because they will still be developing in JavaScript but with different libraries. I’d like to challenge them a bit this year instead of spinning variations of digital scene, clicker game, or the canvas app.

Hi @mmathews,

Yes, students can use whatever language they’d like.

Quoting page 79 in the Course and Exam Description:

There is no designated programming language for AP Computer Science Principles. Students may choose a programming language learned while taking this course
to complete the task, or they may select a different programming language — one they are familiar with from outside of class. When selecting a programming language and their program focus, students should ensure that their program will be sophisticated enough to integrate mathematical and logical concepts, develop abstractions, and implement algorithms.

From what I remember, Game Lab is robust and complex enough for students to include the necessary programming components for the task.

Students can even use Scratch, as far as I know…


Game lab is fine. I do recommend submitting the code in text form for the Create PT. It’s much easier for the reader to understand the code that way. Scratch is used in the UTeach and Edhesive curriculum.