Chromebook Text Editor?

I have been looking through the Web Lab and it is fine as is.

But, I would also like to be able to use a true text editor and have the students code HTML and then open it in a browser. I am having difficulty finding a decent text editor app. Any suggestions?

Also, I am having great difficulty getting the index.html to open from the Google Drive into a browser. I am a noob with a Google Chromebook, as all my prior experience is in Windows. Anyone have experience doing this?


I’m not sure about a Chromebook text editor. There are several online html editors available. Since Web Lab allows you to edit the html in the workspace section and preview the code as if it were in a browser in the preview section (as outlined here, perhaps there is another goal you are looking for with a true text editor that might help forum members to better point you to a tool that meets your needs. Let us know exactly what you are looking for in a text editor for your students.


One option would just be opening up a clean project in weblab … it’s a bit hard to find, but here’s the link:

As Michelle says, there are some online editors that may work with a chromebook. Most of them require accounts, so you may run into data sharing issues depending on your district policies. One I like is called

Good luck!


Thank you for your replies. I have considerable experience with HTML (very little experience with the Google Chromebook environment though), so I am simply wanting to be able to code in a text editor and open it up into Chrome. I think I have found what I want in the Caret extension. It allows me to save to Google Drive and open the html file in Chrome.

The best way to do this that I have found is simply using the control + o shortcut and navigating to the html file on your Google Drive. Once you do this, you can simply save the file after any changes and refresh Chrome.

Thanks again.