- Computer Science in Algebra PD: Teacher Introduction


My name is Mary Bansley. I teach Library Science at Sutherland elementary school in Chicago. I hope to help teachers incorporate computer science into their lessons this year. Thanks!! Looking forward to collaborating and sharing ideas.


My name is Mary Bansley. I teach Library Science at Sutherland School in Chicago. I look forward to learning how to incorporate computer science into lessons and sharing this knowledge with the teachers at my school. I also look forward to collaborating with teachers from other schools.


I will be teaching at Rachel Carsons with 6th grade Math. I am interested in Computer Science because the students at Rachel Carson have already been using the program. Outside of the classroom, I like to read articles on education, enjoy the pool, and play with my children.


I will not be directly teaching code to the k-2 students at my school, however I will be making sure that it is being taught to them and thats why I am taking these sessions. I like technology and am interested to learn how it works as well as how it can be used to help students improve.


My name is John Strable. This is my 4th year teaching. I have taught 6th and 7th Grade Mathematics at King and Queen Elementary School for all four years. I have always loved playing on the computer and I have taken some courses in computer science when I was at college. Outside of school I enjoy running and playing ultimate frisbee.


I agree the use of the program will serve as a motivator for students who are struggling learners. It teaches them to become better critical thinkers and improve their problem-solving skills.


Hi. My name is Monica P. Merritt. I have taught for 10 years in grades 7 and 8, subjects Math 7 and Pre-Algebra, at Russell Middle School in Lawrenceville, VA. I constantly look for ways to incorporate technology in my curriculum, to motivate students, and expose them to activities utilizing 21st century skills. During the 3 day workshop, I learned coding required higher level thinking and using problem-solving skills which are necessary skills that can be applied in the classroom and when solving real-world problems.


I teach Pre-Algebra in Suffolk, VA at King’s Fork Middle School. I became interested in computer science after attending this professional development. I was not aware that I was capable of coding a computer. Outside of the classroom I’m spending time with family.


I am a special teacher in the Alternate Curriculum. I teach children with autism in the moderate to severe program of LAUSD. I teach at Van Nuys Middle School. After school I am always looking for venues in technology to deliver my instruction. The Alternate program is a modified curriculum for students with autism. Alternate does not mean “low expectations” on the contrary, it means “high expectations” “extra work” and participation in all academic activities. I have found many apps/programs , and websites for which I have signed up; but I always feel there is something missing in the process. What can I do to make the app mine, and how can I learn java, code or html to change the outcome? I believe it is important for my students to learn code, learning is a rewarding process that implies less frustrations; and as for me Code means a richer learning environment to deliver instruction . We all be multilingual, it is time to learn a new language “Code” will open a new world of opportunities.


Hello Y’ll ! My name is Benjamin Quansah. I am engaged at Whittlesea Seconday College in a casual relief teaching role. I teach Years 8, 9 & 10 Digital Technologies and Mathematics. I am interested in Computer Science to dvelopm my pedagogy in the curriculum area of digital technologies lessons delivery especially in Integrated projects involving Algebra. Outside the classroom I am active in K-12 Learning Support programs and enjoy some sports.


Hello, my name is Anna and I teach K-8 STEM in the Chicago Public Schools. I am excited to strengthen my capabilities in coding, since I haven’t done coding since 8th grade in high school.


I teach 8th grade math and algebra (hs equivalent) at Castle Rock Middle School. I have not taught or integrated computer science into my classroom lessons, but I am very excited to start! I enjoy reading, Zumba classes (I love dancing to rock, Latin, and disco music), and traveling to new places. I am a real math and science nerd and enjoy passing on the joy of nerdiness to my students!


My name is Tanya Casimir-Frezin , I currently teach 6 grade Math at Awesome Olsen Middle School. My principal suggested I take this coding class, so I guess that why I am interested in Computer Science. Reading some of the information has spark an additive interest for me so I hope to connect my students to a better and deeper understanding with math by taking this course. Outside of the classroom, I love to spend time with my wonderful husband and three beautiful kids.


Hello, Everyone. My name is Latisa and I teach mathematics in Dania Beach, Florida. There appears to be a shortage in those pursuing careers in computer science and coding. However, I think it is quite interesting and would like to expose my students to something that can benefit them in the future. When not in the classroom, I am spending a lot of time gathering and reading research articles for my dissertation. I also like to spend time with my family and catch up on my naps:)