Coding on exam: But how? Is there a sandbox type tool for Turtle Programming?


I am about to give the semester exam. I want to include on it some turtle programming. Specifically it will be Unit 3, chapter 9 where they have the students discuss the coding of a white snowflake on a blue background that randomly changes. I want them to actually create it. However, how do I do this without having them erase code they have already made? Is there a way inside or outside of where students can just code on their own without losing work and without following specific directions?


Students can use App Lab without going through Code Studio and create their own projects from scratch. If you want them to use AppLab and work on existing code that they created in Code Studio you can have them go to the level (bubble) and hit the Remix button. So you can have them get to AppLab directly with the URL or through a Code Studio level.


Thank you! That link was exactly what I needed.