Computer Science in Science PD: The Tutorial #8

I am unable to edit the text box to correct typos. Any ideas?


Orientation Version 5






and again …there was no setup, forever, or score window. I can’t tell if my coding would execute properly or not–Arghhh!



Still learning…





highlight the text you want to delete and just start typing-- it will erase the highlighted part.


could not get square petals


Thanks . . . I was able to make that work! :smile:


After forward steps, turn 90 degrees


Now that this is making more sense to me!!! The petals are semi squarish???


Workspace-bottom third of page where the programming or instructions will be sequenced
Spaceland- middle third of page where your code will be tested/checked and how you can see the simulation set up
Information Area-top third of page where the details about the project(owner, collaborators, etc can be found)

Terrain-green pane in the Spaceland area
Page-the tabbed areas in the Workspace where blocks are placed to program agents
Drawer-groupings of blocks by function
Blocks-small bits of instructions that when joined and used with other blocks, make up a program
Buttons-the options in Spaceland that allow the user to control the simulation or change the view
Widgets-buttons such as “setup”,“forever”,and “score” that allow the user to control/test the simulation
Agents-individuals that will interact with other agents or the environment on the Terrain


Here’s the beginning of some fun. Running out of time o play, but I can’t wait to get into this more!