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The 8 hours will correspond to 11 class periods, so two weeks and a day. This seems far too long. Should I expect students to work this entire time? How do you handle it when students finish and still have significant time left?


Page 8 of the College Board document (Assessment Overview and Performance Task) says that students can “seek assistance from teacher on defining your focus and choice of topic”.
It sounds like picking a good topic is the key to the entire task, and I am allowed to advise them on their topic choice, correct?

Also - thanks so much for this survival guide, incredibly helpful.



You are required to provide 8 hours of in class time. Students need various amounts of time to complete the task. Since I cannot go that long without assessing students, I usually have some task that requires reviewing the rubric, making a plan and self reflection on their progress. I let students know they are responsible for managing their time as long as they complete the daily assessment. I make sure they are not being disruptive to others. Some choose to put it off to the last minute. Some rush through to get it out of the way. Hopefully, the reflection questions nudge them in the right direction.

You can use questioning and redirection to the instructions/rubric to help students refine their topic choice. I interpret that to mean I should not directly tell a student ‘your topic is too broad’. Instead I need to ask questions that get the student to make that determination - like how does your innovation use data. That can be challenging especially if students are used to getting direct assurance.

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These ideas are really great, thanks so much. I love the daily assessment idea – maybe questions like “Explain the difference between a harmful effect and a data concern”?
I’m also going to put on a sign on the door “Quiet, Testing in Progress” to try to set the tone that they should be working on this.
Great advice on the topic discussion. That seems like an appropriate way to interpret the College Board guidance.
Thank you!


My students need to record the audio that is made when selecting items in the app. Screencast-o-matic will allow them to narrate, but requires an upgrade to record audio. Anyone have a work around?


@jtemple I had some students take the video on their phones and then compress it. Other students did with quickTime video if they had a mac.

That being said, I just tested it out and I was able to record my voice over my video with Screencast-o-matic and I didn’t pay anything. I was able to download it as an MP4 too.

Student’s aren’t required to narrate their video, but it is an excellent way to get full credit for 2a.



@jtemple you might also consider using Loom. I can’t speak to using it in a classroom setting and this isn’t a “ recommendation”, but as someone who occasionally needs to make quick screencasts with audio I’ve found it to work well and be simple to use.