CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop 2019

WOW! This is awesome!

So far during the workshop I have learned many aspect dealing with coding and how it is an integral part of the society in which we live. Additionally, I have lessoned my nervous feelings about teaching computer science and now as a lead learner, I know that I can master coding and help my students. Even when I do not know the answer, i can use this learning community to ensure that I find out what I need to know.

This workshop is helping my anxiety about teaching this course.

This workshop taught us that the DHMO website was fake due to the TLO lesson on Searches.

Great workshop! I’ve learned a lot about coding and love the inquiry based ACV method.

I learned that TLOs are a great way to explore the lesson before teaching it to my students and allowed me to see how other CS teachers would teach the same lesson.

I like seeing the different ways that teachers are presenting the lessons. It is giving me lots of ideas to step up my game.

The Code.org Problem Solving Process.

Learned a lot with not much experience and background knowledge I still have a lot to learn!:f

I learned (finally) the basics of and how to navigate this whole resource.

I learned more about TLO’s. I also learned more about the structure of HTML.

I have learned that there are a lot of great resources to use and bring into the class. I am excited to implement them!

I have learned that HTML & CSS is just like learning a new language.

I love the format! Comfortable, not threatening, very giving group of “students”.

I have learned how to use hands-on worksheets to explain binary numbers. :heart_eyes:

I am glad I came to the workshop. Giving up one week of my summer vacation is surely worth it!

I was able to learn more about HTML and integrating CSD into my classroom.

So many resources and ideas!!

During our CS training this week, thus far, I’ve enjoyed learning more about the activities through peer teaching demos.

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