CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


I love the teacher-driven lessons. Wearing both the teach and learner hat for lessons has been incredibly helpful for knowing what works and what doesn’t. Not to mention getting some great ideas how I’ll be delivering lessons in my own class. It really calmed my nerves about starting this class in two short weeks!


I am enjoying teacher con Phoenix. I have learned how to relate each lesson to the problem solving process which can be applied in all classes.


I’ve learned so many great things but mostly that two heads are better than one (collaboration is important) and that code.org really cares about teachers and their success of their students. Thank you!

Oh…also learned that the grid in computer programming is different than what kids learn in math (typically).


I learned how to better navigate the code.org website. I was able to play around with many of the tools that I will be having my students use this year.


I’ve learned pair programming applies to navigating around Phoenix, too. :smirk:


I have become a huge fan of paired programming. I’m thinking about how I’ll implement it in my classroom to ensure the navigator doesn’t check out. Going to teach it as a skill first. I think to start with I’ll switch every 3 minutes.


I have learned that the lesson plans are easy to use and appear to be at the correct level for middle school students. Thanks Code.org!


I am enjoying my time here at TeacherCon. I am refreshing myself with html. I had forgotten alot of it because I had not used it in two years but feeling better about it.


TeacherCon is Awesome! Thank you for the opportunity!


I learned about the idea of paired programming and the need for collaboration. Two minds are better than one at sleuthing for mistakes


I have learned that it is a very usable curriculum.


Love ABC-CBV. No more boring vocabulary discussions before we start a lesson.


Today I learned that in the forum some of the units have pre-made slides.


Scavenger hunts rule! Makes you want to beat all this amazing competition!:yum:


TeacherCon is totally sic!:grin:


I’ve learned to navigate this forum section and this scavenger hunt is very helpful!


I have learned a lot about the pair programming and the purpose of the problem solving process. I think both of these teaching strategies are SO relevant to all subject and can really be implemented as soon as the year begins!


I have learned much this week, but the TLO model has been the most beneficial as I’ve seen the curriculum from both a student and teacher perspective. This is invaluable to building empathy for student struggles and familiarizing ourselves with what we will be teaching.


I learned how to write code using HTML with the help of my colleagues as the driver and navigator. I am excited for my students to be collaborate and work together to complete the discovery learning together as a team.


I got a better understanding of HTML