CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


Loved beginning to learn some HTML!


Today we are learning how to navigate the forum by completing the Scavenger Hunt on Page 11 of the Teal book. Lots of information in these forums.


Problem Solving Process and its components.


Learning HTML reminded me of learning French, once I learned the grammar I got it. Same for HTML, once I recognized the patterns, I could figure things out.


Learned how information from specific lessons is organized on the forum.


I have never understood coding before this week. It is nice to begin to decipher these languages.


I learned that in my region we are planning several events for students and parents in the effort to advertise the importance of CS curriculum and opportunities.


I have learned about html, which I had no prior experience with! I appreciate the scavenger hunts, although I pretty slow…:slight_smile:


Attending teacher con has boosted my confidence in my ability to be effective in presenting this material to my students. The facilitators did a great job of demonstrating the lead learner idea, as well as the activity before concept and concept before vocabulary ideas. They also gave other tips, outside of CS instruction, that I plan to take back to my classroom: Sharing without Snootiness and Asking without Fear.


TeacherCon provided awesome model lessons using the different classroom practices. Putting on the hats (teacher, student, and observer) was perfect to show authentically how the lessons should go, rather than other trainings that I’ve been to that say… I’d do this and then the students would do this.



I learned how to make basic modifications to my very boring text using HTML.

Thanks Code.org CSD!


Really enjoyed learning about Pair Programming. The strategy of having the students physically change seats is something I will be using.


The speed at which Code.org is growing is amazing.


Excited for Unit 6


This has been a great opportunity to learn more about CS Discoveries. Love to chance to practice with TLOs.


I learned how to show and hide units so students will only see the parts of the curriculum I want them to see! This is very helpful!


I learned how to use the paired programming tool in code.org. Very useful when assessing multiple students as they do group work.


I have been reminded of the power of giving students the time to reflect on their learning. Often, when time is short it is easy to cut out or skim through the reflection process. I really appreciated the think/talk/reflect time throughout this conference!


I learned how to navigate the code.org website through the scavenger hunts.


I learned how important unplugged activities were, great resource.