CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


Learned about the new curriculum!


This week I have learned lots about the CS Discovery curriculum. Excited to implemented this in my classroom.


I would love to learn more about this! Who were your facilitators/ when did you talk about this?


This has been fun! I can’t wait to bring this to my class and see what happens.


I found that scavenger hunts need to be done in pairs because there is no way I would find any of this on my own.


I really like what we are doing so far. Pair Programming is a neat idea, but it makes me nervous that students will not be able to access their work if their partner is absent or if they are no longer working with that partner.


I have learned I don’t need to know everything in order to teach CS which in turn has settled my anxiety about teaching several sections. I have also learned what CSS is and now have a basic understanding. I have also learned better methods of teaching.


I love the pair-programming! I can’t wait to use it in my class!


This curriculum will usher in a fundamental change in my district. Bye bye “computer apps” classes.


I learned A LOT, but to name a few HTML, CSS and Game lab.


So many great lessons. What a wonderful training.


I’ve learned so much each day I’ve been here. Pair Programming!! Can’t wait to bring this back to my classroom.


This is my introduction to CS and I was a bit apprehensive to begin with. However, the manner in which we are learning this program has really helped ease my fears and have given me the confidence to teach CS in my class. I am really excited to see how much the students learn in this program.


TeacherCon is an intense, info heavy, rewarding experience. I am enjoying every minute except perhaps when the monsoon hit the window of my 31st floor room at midnight…


I have learned how to pair and engage my students in different modalities of learning.


So excited to take CS Discoveries back home. A large poster of the Problem Solving Process will be on my wall and incorporated into my student journals.


I came to Teachercon for CSP last year and returned for Disco this year! I have learned even more about Code.org’s platform and love how well organized it is! This is one of the best PDs I have been to. I only wish you had curriculum for every prep I teach!


HTML!!! So excited to keep learning this :heart_eyes:


The Lead Learner strategy is a great culture to embrace in the classroom…we are all learning together, and not knowing/making mistakes is ok!


I bet you liked the Code.org-created video that featured the two girls. You may not know that there is another version. That is a little different and might be better for a different audience.