CS Discoveries Assessment Test for Unit 1



CS Discoveries Unit 1 Exam.docx (14.2 KB)

For anyone interested, I went through the objectives from the Unit and created assessment questions on the major concepts that I believed students should get by the end of the Unit. This will be given after the final project is complete, which is also an assessment I will use. Please feel free to use some or all of the questions as you see fit. Notice the correct answers are almost always the first response because I use Juno and the program scrambles the order of the questions and the order of the possible responses for me. Some also require multiple answers to be correct. I hope this is helpful for some.


This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it! Did you create an answer key? I know the program you mentioned randomizes, but is there an answer key for the order in which it was shared? Again, Thank You!!


The correct answers have an * next to them. I hope that helps.


This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing, Tara!


Sorry… I missed that the first time. Thanks!!


This is excellent. Thanks for all your work.


Great Resource! I will be using it!


thanks- any chance you also have an SLO?


I made a study guide for the test, so if you would like that, I will attach it here. You may do with it what you would like. I will also attach what the students need to know for the test, so anything they don’t fill into their discussion box, I can add for them.Unit 1 The Problem Solving Process Study Guide.pdf (80.3 KB)
Unit 1 The Problem Solving Process Study Guide Answer Key.pdf (93.8 KB)



Thank you for the resource.


The exam was well written. Thanks for the assessment.


Excellent Resources. I am going to use this for students.


Tara, any chance you created an SLO for the Problem Solving Unit.


I do not have an SLO because I haven’t given the exam yet. I will be giving it on Friday, so I may be able to create one after that. I need the results in order to complete a solid SLO. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help.


Thank you for this resource. Could you use this as an SLO and show growth throughout the year, or is growth in the first unit good enough? Thanks ahead of time for any input you’d have.


Thanks so much for sharing!


Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much for sharing these valuable resources. :slight_smile:


That’s a very good question. California, or at least our district, does focus on Learning Objectives, but not the actual SLO model. I had to actually look up exactly how to even format one. To answer your question, I think it is definitely something that can be checked upon throughout the year, as computer science is full of problem solving and the input/output/storing/processing model is needed any time a program is being coded. I also think it can be a stand alone, I am just at a loss for figuring out what kind of pretest to give to determine exactly where students are with the problem solving process and the model. That is something I think I will chew on for awhile, and maybe come up with a similar test I can give at the end of the year to see how students do after an entire year of problem solving in my class and others.


I’m not sure how I would use Unit 1 as an SLO, but I have heard of other teachers using HTML and CSS as an SLO which is Unit 2. I don’t know if this helps, but students do show great growth in that area as it is usually new to all of them.