CS Discoveries Assessment Test for Unit 1



Thank you Tara, This is very well done,.


Thank you so much. This is awesome.


This is great, I agree could we have a link to make a copy of this? Great work!


Thanks for sharing this resource and the multiple formats! I will definitely use it next year! Does anyone here have experience using CSD in a standards based grading environment?


I don’t have experience, but I think it would be easy, yet a bit tedious to take the items from the rubric and figure out what standards are covered and then you can use their score on that particular portion of the rubric for that standard. I hope that makes sense, but that is the primary way I would think about grading on standards. Just a thought.


Thanks for the information. New and nerve, but this community is making me feel soooooo much better. Thanks


This is a great resource! Thank you for sharing this!!!