CS Discoveries Unit 3: Interactive Games and Animations Assessment



Here is a quiz that I created for Lessons 1-7:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kvaygLZMA1eZvcp07J_M6J17seEcN6WBwFzptFh4TA4/edit?usp=sharing

Unit 3 Final Assessment

Awesome, thanks! This will be super helpful


Thank you for sharing this quiz. Looks great.


Do you have an answer key for this??


Were you able to get an answer sheet for this?

If so can you send it to me.
Thanks Francie


please email me for it directly. brandy.barlow@coffee.k12.ga.us


Hi! I created a challenge for the end of lesson 3 that I counted as a quiz. We grade on a standards-based scale (1-4) at my school so in order for students to get a 3 they needed to replicate my picture exactly. In order to get a 4 they needed to add at least 3 extra things (like eyes, arms, hat, buttons etc).
snowman quiz


May I have the answer key? This is great.


This is great! Thank you so much!


Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for sharing your quiz after lesson 3. I was interested in learning more about how you are using your standards-based scale throughout all the units. We are currently in the process of moving this way with a launch date of the start of school next year. Do you have any resources you would be willing to share? Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Kind regards, Chris Kerlin


@brandy.barlow Do you have an assessment made for the second part of this unit by chance?


May I have the answer key? This is great.



This is really heplful


Thanks so very much!


Would love a copy of the answer key as well…to save me some time! Thanks


This is great. I have taken your document and put it into a Microsoft form. I will be honest, I was not sure of questions 18 and 19! So if someone can help me out there that would be great!


Could I have the answer key too please: eglaser@cdschools.org


I love this and plan to use it with my students. Will you share the answer key please? Thanks!


Can you send me the answer key for this? sstumpenhaus@mvschools.net


I am looking for a Unit 3 Chapter 1 Assessment and a Unit 3 Chapters 1 and 2 Assessment. Is there anyone willing to share there assessment with me?