CS Principles 5-Day Summer Workshop Sharing!

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4: hello fellow principle peoples.

I learned more about the Explore and Create PTs!

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We did too! I find the forum search cumbersome, but the rest of the website seems great!

this is awesome! I am feeling so much more confident than I was!!!

This is awesome! Excited about teaching CSP this coming school year!

I learned how to teach about algorithms!

I love to use the form to see what others are saying. This is a fun workshop. I enjoyed the scavenger Hunt

This is my first real experience with coding. I’m looking to branch out with my endorsements to make sure that I can continue teaching. This is my first step in a new direction.

Love the code. org material. Love it!!!:pizza::fries:

Learned lots of key information so far. Am looking forward to learning more.

Learned I just may have what it takes to teach this!!

Thank you for the opportunity to connect with other CS teachers! GoPackGo!

It has been a great week!

Loved seeing the multiple solutions that the group came up with and being able to tell that students will reproduce the same results.

We are mid-week through the CS Principles 5-Day Workshop and enjoying it. There is a lot of great information provided by Code.org via our two great facilitators.


Hats off to our facilitators, Brian & Jackie! Learned a lot, and had fun.

Love it and the people I met

Doing Scavenger Hunt in Storm Lake IA.

Doing Scavenger Hunt at Hood College, Maryland

I learned that I have a fantastic community of educators to continue to learn with!