CS Principles 5-Day Summer Workshop Sharing!

this is awesome! I am feeling so much more confident than I was!!!

This is awesome! Excited about teaching CSP this coming school year!

I learned how to teach about algorithms!

I love to use the form to see what others are saying. This is a fun workshop. I enjoyed the scavenger Hunt

This is my first real experience with coding. I’m looking to branch out with my endorsements to make sure that I can continue teaching. This is my first step in a new direction.

Love the code. org material. Love it!!!:pizza::fries:

Learned lots of key information so far. Am looking forward to learning more.

Learned I just may have what it takes to teach this!!

Thank you for the opportunity to connect with other CS teachers! GoPackGo!

It has been a great week!

Loved seeing the multiple solutions that the group came up with and being able to tell that students will reproduce the same results.

We are mid-week through the CS Principles 5-Day Workshop and enjoying it. There is a lot of great information provided by Code.org via our two great facilitators.


Hats off to our facilitators, Brian & Jackie! Learned a lot, and had fun.

Love it and the people I met

Doing Scavenger Hunt in Storm Lake IA.

Doing Scavenger Hunt at Hood College, Maryland

I learned that I have a fantastic community of educators to continue to learn with!

I’ve learned so much about the design of the internet! As someone who grew up with the internet, I’ve definitely taken it for granted and I hadn’t truly understood how it works.

I have learned so much about navigating code.org and how to implement the computer science discoveries lessons in my classroom.

I learn that it this virtual climate it will be difficult to do pair programming in the normal. But, you can match students up and the work done by both will show